Owner Operators Testimonials

"They don’t want to know truck number, they want to know your name." ~Anthony Calderaro

XPO Express reached out to various drivers; here's what they had to say:

What sets XPO Express apart from other expedited shipping providers?


"Respect. They treat their drivers with respect".~Patricia Quinton


"The fact that they started at the ground floor the right way. Had the right people to get the business going in the right direction. Everything is coming into place now because they have such a good foundation. They’re sticking with their morals." ~Anthony Calderaro


"XPO Express lives by a different set of rules. They live by a harder standard. They are fair and good people who care about drivers." ~Suzanne and Pat Brady

What would you tell a fellow driver who is currently looking for an expedited shipping provider to work with?


"Check XPO Express out first and give them an opportunity." ~Don and Rita Garlinghouse

Why did you choose to work at XPO Express over other companies?


"Professionalism. If the recruiter doesn’t have an answer to something, he finds it and calls you back." ~Patricia Quinton


"After meeting with XPO Express and building a relationship with them, I liked the feeling I had when I was there and communicating with them. I'm a people person and a business man, and you need to know who you do business with and feel comfortable with them." ~Anthony Calderaro


"XPO Express makes you know you’re valued." ~Patricia Quinton

What makes XPO Express drivers different than those affiliated with competitors?


"There’s a loyalty which is rare. An XPO Express driver does everything within their power to get the load there and the reason is because they are treated well. They know they’ll be truly appreciated." ~Patricia Quinton


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