Metro Detroit Features

  • Prompt local pickup and delivery in Detroit Metro Zone (DMZ)
  • Competitive DMZ rates *see below
  • Long Distance Expediting
  • Air Charters and air freight
  • Lift gate service, pallet jacks
  • All size vehicles, vans to semi's
  • Qualcomm equipped
  • Highly experienced, 24/7 service
  • Cross docking and storage
  • Freight Brokering


DMZ Rates

1 - 2,000 Van $65
2,001 - 3,000 Cube Van $90
3,251 - 12,500 Large Straight $135
12,501 & OVER Tractor-Trailer $295"

*Note that pricing is subject to change.


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My shipping clerk inadvertently inputted the wrong address on the bill of lading and instead of the shipment heading to Virginia it was on the road to St. Louis. By the time we realized our error, the driver had been on the road for 6 hours in the wrong direction! He was a single driver and did not have the hours to get to the correct location. You quickly came up with correct course of action to cross dock the shipment at your sister company’s location and put it on a truck with a team that could go straight through to Roanoke. It is a pleasure to do business with XPO Express; your people are cool under fire and are able to come up with workable solutions very quickly. Agile is not usually how I would describe a motor carrier but in this circumstance it is appropriate.


Traffic Manager
Manufacturing Company