Driver FAQs


Q. Does XPO Express have a plate program?

 A. Yes, and it can be set up through weekly deductions.


Q. Does XPO Express offer any insurance programs?

 A. Competitive Non-Trucking, Physical Damage, Occupational Accident and Health Insurance with prescription coverage.


Q. How often does XPO Express pay?

 A. Weekly. Any load that is in the system by Saturday at midnight and paperwork is received, settlement is the following Friday.


Q. Does XPO Express hold back pay?

 A. No. You will receive your first settlement one week from your first week's work.


Q. Do you provide advances on loads?

 A. XPO Express allows up to 50% pre-trip settlement from each load accepted by Owner Operators. Drivers for fleet owners advance percentage may vary.


Q. Are trailers provided and at what charge?

 A. Yes. Trailers are provided with no fee.


Q. What type of preferred pricing (discount) programs does XPO Express offer?

 A. XPO Express has preferred pricing with quality vendor partners, including on fuel, tires, insurance, parts, maintenance, hotels and much more.


Q. How is fuel tax calculated?

 A. XPO Express will calculate and report your fuel tax on a quarterly basis based on fuel receipts submitted.  We will pay any balance due and then deduct from your settlement.


Q. Is there an escrow?

 A. Yes. XPO Express requires a deposit for each vehicle type:

  • Cargo Van / Sprinter: $750.00
  • Straight Truck: $1,000.00
  • Tractor: $1,000.00
  • Trailer: $1,000.00

Q. Does XPO Express have age restrictions on trucks?

A. Yes. XPO Express requires all equipment be clean and well maintained. Call 800.800.5161 today for details.


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  • Nationwide Road Service
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