We Use the Latest GPS-based Tracking Tools to Deliver Outstanding Expedited Shipping Service

We know that the best customer service we can provide is to keep you on top of when your expedited freight will be picked up, its en-route locations and its on-time status. With Express Live, our GPS-based tracking solution, we keep everyone in the know.

The Express Live Solution

Vehicle Locations and Drive Communications

Each and every vehicle in our fleet is tracked with our satellite tracking system; vehicle locations can be updated immediately upon request. In addition, all drivers are equipped with instant messaging technology for constant communication, particularly for the execution of contingency plans, if needed.

ETA Warning System

All trips scheduled for pickup/delivery in a 24-hour period are constantly monitored. Our system locates the vehicle’s last known location and uses sophisticated software to determine if the shipment is on time. If the system determines that a shipment is not on schedule for pickup or delivery, an automated alert is sent to our customer service team. Upon receipt of an alert, you will be notified with an updated ETA. Of course, we take every step necessary to ensure that we meet the original scheduled pickup or delivery time.

Automatic Event Notifications

Express Live features Auto Event Notifications via a series of *driver-generated text messages sent directly to your email. Our Auto Event Notifications can immediately update you on:


email notification
  • Pickup, delivery and empty times
  • Proof of Delivery name
  • Bill of Lading numbers
  • Weight of freight
  • Number of pieces

Additional Features

Based upon your particular expedited shipping arrangement, Express Live can also provide the following:


  • Power unit tracking
  • Trailer tracking
  • Door sensors
  • Panic buttons


*Text messages are not sent or read while drivers are operating a vehicle.


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I just had the pleasure of meeting one of your drivers. Never have I met such a friendly, helpful and highly professional driver. Coming into the office Sunday morning, I was surprised by the presence of your truck at our facility. Due to a lack of communication within, I was not expecting to receive any shipment until Monday. Your driver was patient as I scrambled to get things in order. You can count on my company considering XPO Express the next time we have a need for expedited shipping service.


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