Expedited Shipping that Doesn’t Compromise on Security

When what you have to expedite has high value and requires a high level of security, you can be secure in your selection of XPO Express. Our drivers are trained in security and the handling of hazardous materials, our trucks feature state-of-the-art security measures and, with our Express Live tracking system, you will know where your shipment is at all times.

High-Value / High-Security Expedited Shipping Features

  • Express Live, our GPS-based tracking solution featuring Qualcomm technology 1
  • Available security team
  • Drivers and staff are trained to follow strict security SOP
  • GPS tracking on both the tractor and the trailer
  • Anti-theft devices, including steering wheel lock
  • Air ride vehicles to minimize vibration and road shock
  • Driver(s) identification prior to pickup
  • Temperature-controlled shipping to protect data integrity
  • Hazardous materials capabilities
  • 24-hour dispatch, 365 days per year

1 Express Live details

  • Driver communications
  • ETA warnings
  • Automatic event notifications
  • Power unit tracking
  • Trailer tracking
  • Door sensors
  • Panic buttons

Which Vehicle is Right For You?

Based upon your cargo dimensions and weight, we'll work with you to determine the right vehicle for your needs.

Vehicle Type Chart

Vehicle Types

Cargo Van 2,000 108" 48" 47"
Sprinter 3,250 144" 48" 70"
Large Straight 12,500 264" 96" 96"
Tractor-Trailer 44,000 636" 102" 108"
*Reefer-Large Straight 9,500-18,000 215"-265" 93" 91"
*Reefer Tractor Trailer 38,000 630" 97" 104"


(All dimensions approximate)


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