See Your Life Science and Pharmaceutical Goods Arrive Quickly—And Safely

When shipping goods in the life science and pharmaceutical industries, the stakes are high. Whether your goods are time sensitive, temperature sensitive or both, XPO Express' knowledgeable staff will give you peace of mind.

Life Science and Pharmaceutical Expedited Shipping Features

  • Express Live, our GPS-based tracking solution featuring Qualcomm technology 1
  • Highly skilled and reputable drivers
  • Temperature-controlled shipping, including thermal-mapped and qualified trailers
  • Monitoring alarms to alert temperature variance
  • Shipment lifecycle delivery receipts
  • Dedicated customer service resource center
  • Customer-specific Standards of Care
  • Layered approach to secure and safe transportation
  • 24-hour dispatch, 365 days per year

1 Express Live details

  • Driver communications
  • Automatic event notifications
  • Power unit tracking
  • Trailer tracking
  • Door sensors
  • Panic buttons

Which Vehicle is Right For You?

Based upon your cargo dimensions and weight, we'll work with you to determine the right vehicle for your needs.

Vehicle Type Chart

Vehicle Types

Cargo Van 2,000 108" 48" 47"
Sprinter 3,250 144" 48" 70"
Large Straight 12,500 264" 96" 96"
Tractor-Trailer 44,000 636" 102" 108"
*Reefer-Large Straight 9,500-18,000 215"-265" 93" 91"
*Reefer Tractor Trailer 38,000 630" 97" 104"


(All dimensions approximate)


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I am never shy about letting you know about the great service that you provide. Your team is outstanding. Yesterday, at 2pm, I received orders for 19 loads for an end of the quarter project. XPO Express they managed to cover everything that I needed. I cannot stress how important the entire XPO Express team is to me. They pull out the unthinkable and I cannot thank them enough. Please pass on this email to all that help with my account. You have yourself a great team!


Shipping Manager
Pharmaceutical Client